Designed specifically for use in refugee camps and temporary settlements, the Field Music Tent is a standard canvas wall tent with a unique purpose: community music creation. The Field Music Tent measures 15 x 18 feet, is stocked with recording equipment and musical instruments, and is simple to assemble and easily transported to remote locations.

The Field Music Tent debuted during BODA BODA, a multi-disciplinary public art project designed by Stuart Hyatt for Depauw University’s Artsfest. BODA BODA centers around an updated version of the traditional early American wall tent. The wall tent was used extensively by the early pioneer explorers, hunters, and trappers throughout North America. The easily portable form and strong design also made it a chosen tool in the American Civil War and other global military conflicts. In the twentieth century, wall tents have also been used by archaeologists, anthropologists, and other scientific field-research teams. Currently, the wall tent structure is widely found in refugee camps, border areas, and disaster relief efforts